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Chicken umbrellas with breadcrumbs and susam

Chicken umbrellas with breadcrumbs and susam

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We deboned the chicken breast, washed it and finely chopped it through the mincer.

We clean the potatoes, onions and zucchini, wash them and finely chop them through a mincer.

In a bowl add the meat, vegetables (drained of juice), egg, breadcrumbs, salt to taste, pepper, mix well to incorporate well and form balls with wet palms.

We give them breadcrumbs and sesame seeds and fry them in hot oil.

Eight square meters of beach for each tourist

Tourists who will come this summer on the Romanian Coast will have big surprises: sand as you can see with your eyes, without any construction on the beach, without manele given to the maximum, without pictures per minute with animals. Which means we'll have beaches like in the famous & # 8220Bay Watch & # 8221 series.

The Ministry of Environment shared the 80 km of the beach, from Capul Midia to Vama Veche and demanded that the minimum comfort standards for tourists be met by May 1st. Specifically, the sand must be cleaned of any construction, and only umbrellas, sunbeds, turrets for the Lifeguard can be put in place.

& # 8220The entire beach has been divided into 33 sectors for which detailed plans have been made. Thus, starting from the sea, a third of the beach must be perfectly free. On the other two thirds will be able to be placed umbrellas and sunbeds, places arranged for children, plotted lands for sand sports. The lifeguard stations and, from place to place, a small port for boats will be admitted, which are very sought after & # 8221, informed us Sulfina Barbu (photo medallion), the minister of environment. She also says that this year we will not see animal photographers, street vendors or cars on the beach. For those who violate these decisions, the fines will be from 10 million lei to 300 million lei, depending on the severity.

The kiosks where fruits and drinks are sold must be located at a minimum distance of 150 meters. Tour operators will have the obligation to arrange the beach until May 1, to provide the necessary tourist services, and the local authorities must provide lifeguard services, first aid posts, but also public order. The sea water will be cleaned, throughout the season, of algae and other garbage, by the Water Directorate & # 8220Dunare-Litoral & # 8221. The emergency ordinance that regulates the entire activity on the Seaside specifies that the sand must not contain dangerous foreign bodies, that each person must have a minimum surface of 8 sq m of beach, and the garbage bins must be permanently emptied. & # 8220In 2006, the beach will be cleaner and have a unified look. "The music must be broadcast within reasonable sound limits", Sulfina Barbu also said.

Avian flu should not be a concern for tourists. Veterinarians constantly monitor wild birds, and if anyone finds a dead bird they must report it immediately.

In the series that made Pamela Anderson famous, there were only tourists on the beach, and from time to time the famous turrets where the lifeguards came from

Hostess secrets

To prepare the dish as best as possible, just a set of ingredients and a recipe is not enough, experienced housewives know that with the help of little tricks, you can get very good results.

  1. If you add sesame to the dough, it becomes not only tastier, but also much more useful. After all, sesame seeds are a source of calcium for human bones
  2. But if you add more liquid, the structure of the dough becomes lighter and clearer. But do not overdo it, because in this way more oil will be salted and this will sometimes increase the caloric content of the vessel.
  3. It is also recommended to prepare the dough in advance or to cool it slightly before frying. This will make the dough more delicate and crunchy due to the contact of the dough with hot oil.
  4. There are several effective ways to clean squid. Someone prefers to remove the skin from a slightly frozen mollusk, but a more practical way is to throw the thawed squid carcass at room temperature for one minute in boiling water. The skin is slightly folded and the rope is behind and can be easily removed
  5. You should not keep the squid fillet in boiling water for more than 3 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the taste and turning the meat into rubber.

To cook squid rings in dough & # 8211 an excellent snack at the table & # 8211 you don't have to spend too much time and effort, you just have to store your meat in this mollusk and choose the right dough version for it . Bon appetit!

Chinese food characteristics

Each Chinese province is a separate culinary state. The locals have their own recipes and favorite dishes. They are united only by the love of natural and healthy food, fractional food and high quality utensils.

There are eight culinary schools in China:

  • Shandong. One of the most popular in China. On the territory of the province it produces a large amount of food, the fruits grow. Traditional dishes are shark soups, swallowed nests
  • Sichuan. The people of southwest China are the creators of one of the most diverse and famous cuisines in the world. All dishes are distinguished by the addition of a large amount of spices. Here they like pork with garlic, spicy Dofu and Phoenix claws
  • Guangdong. The peculiarity of the culinary art of this region is the way of cooking. The exoticism and lightness of the dishes are appreciated. The Chinese in this province are omnivores. I can cook a snake, a mouse, a cat, a turtle and even a raccoon. The most famous dishes: chicken stew with snake, fried cat and snake meat, monkey brain soup
  • Fujian. The proximity of the coast was reflected in the preferences of the inhabitants of the province. The main heritage of cooking is the vessel & # 8220Buddha jumped over the wall & # 8221. It consists of 18 components: fine shark, shellfish, squid, sea cucumber, chicken, all kinds of spices and spices
  • Jiangsu kitchen. Veggie dishes and seafood are very popular here. The most popular extinguishing technology. The menu contains turtle meat, chicken, stuffed mushrooms and vegetables
  • Zhejiang. Octopuses, lobsters, oysters, shrimps and prawns are very passionate about the Chinese. Freshwater fish, ham and other delicacies are also prepared. From dishes are popular Dunpo pork, fish with vinegar from Xihu Lake, bell fried in oil
  • Hunan. Hunan Province cuisine is associated with clarity, special aroma and sour taste. The most famous culinary masterpieces: steamed trepang, baked shark fins and money fish
  • Anhui. Most traditional dishes include game meat: Yunyu meat, winter pheasant or pigeon.

What you need to know about fuel to Lefkada Island

Attention, there are no gas stations on the Greek highway, at least on the Thessaloniki-Lefkada route there is only one stop for refueling and food, immediately at the exit from Thessaloniki, the place is called Everest and is on both sides of the highway. Good to know, because after that you have nowhere to feed.

Fuel in Bulgaria is cheaper than in Greece, so it is good to refuel before leaving the neighboring country, and fuel on the island is more expensive than on the mainland.

Paris and Rome are two exceptional gastronomic destinations

Being not only an eternal travel lover, but also a little gourmet, I can't visit a new place without trying the local specialties. Two of my favorite holiday destinations - Paris and Rome - offered me the most pleasant culinary surprises, which I will share briefly in the following lines. So, prepare your taste buds and arm yourself with something good to eat - you will need it if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by an unbridled appetite and a desire to try at least some of the dishes I will tell you about. !

Paris has always been known as the city of refined food, of the champagne that makes you dizzy and of perfect desserts. Parisian restaurants are chic and do not seem to need too aggressive promotion. People know that it is worth trying French specialties, even at a higher price, so the places do not lack customers. In Paris you can eat well both in elegant restaurants and in small bistros or noisy self-service. Almost everywhere you go, you are greeted with good food, quality wine, delicious desserts.

I recommend you try the French sauces - a real delight, which almost made me want to perfect my culinary talents. Another strong point of the Parisians is the croissant, served plain or with fruit jam. .

Chocolate-decorated pastries almost melt in your mouth, and baguette-shaped bread is always fresh, fine and slightly crunchy at the same time. The cheeses, as varied as they are tasty, were a real cause for confusion: I couldn't decide which one to try first!

If you want to eat like real French, all you have to do is visit the nearest supermarket, where you can stock up on a few snacks - a baguette, a bottle of wine, a piece of cheese, two or three muffins. The meal will be served on the banks of the Seine and I assure you that it will be the most bohemian and memorable picnic you can ever have.

A personal recommendation: do not leave Paris without trying the famous burnt sugar cream - creme brulee, as the French call it. I chose to try it with a cappuccino with cherries, both served in one of the most beloved Parisian cafes, Cafe des deux moulins. The cafe has become famous not only for its quality service, but also for the air from the movies - it is the place where much of the action of the film Amelie takes place and has become a real tourist attraction.

I hadn't heard much about Italian cuisine before visiting Rome. I knew that the Italians go after pizza and pasta, but otherwise I had not formed a clear enough picture, so I could not wait to give in to the will of what the locals call "la dolce vita" - the life sweet. From the first day we were amazed by the multitude of terraces, restaurants and confectioneries, as well as the zeal of the waiters, who waited for us at the entrance and almost took us up the street, promising us the best and cheapest services.

We decided to start with the most promoted and beloved dessert of the Italians, which you took at every step in the city center: gelato - multicolored ice cream, in cones of various sizes, decorated with chocolate flakes, umbrellas or fruit. I liked it so much that I felt the need to pamper myself with at least one cornet every day, especially since I had to try a bunch of new flavors. In turn came, of course, pizza. I can now say with my heart that Italians are best at this dish. And - on top of that - I use a simpler recipe, but much tastier than you might think. The top is very thin, the cheese is plentiful, the tomato sauce is delicious. The rest of the ingredients are used sparingly: tuna pizza contains only a few strips of meat, the emphasis being on the basic ingredients: sauce, mozzarella, top and a little basil. The most famous pizza is also the least pretentious, daisy, which I recommend you to try, especially if it is consumed right from its country of origin.

Pasta was another pleasant surprise, especially due to the sauces, which proved to be a real delight for the taste buds. It's amazing how tasty a dish can be that contains only tomato juice, grated Parmesan and basil, poured in abundance on top of a plate of steaming spaghetti. Italian Parmesan cheese caused me a real addiction and determined me to make provisions for home, to keep a little of the flavor of Italian food. As a recommendation, I urge you to eat at least once on one of the terraces in the city center, where you will find advantageous offers and you will have a dream view. Don't forget to order a glass of red wine, as well as an espresso or a cappuccino.

Another place in Rome where you can have a tasty meal is the Trastevere district, where you will find traditional restaurants, usually run by the family and frequented by the locals themselves. I assure you that the Italians are very pretentious, so if you find such a place, you will be satisfied with the choice made. Don't forget to try the homemade cakes - they are delicious - and treat yourself to a tiramisu, which you will be surprised to discover in the form of cream, not necessarily with the fluffy countertop we all know.

As a last tip, I recommend you spend a few hours in one of the most famous Italian bookstores, La Feltrinelli. Here you will find a small buffet where you can read a book and enjoy at the same time cannoli, a specialty of rolls filled with cream, which will surely conquer you.

In the end, all I have to do is urge you to visit both Paris and Rome and try on your own skin the wonderful gastronomic experiences that the two cities offer you!

Flowers and plants from Kaufland Florist

A green corner and a flowering seedling change the look of any home and beautify any balcony. You can even give life to the office with a small cactus sitting on a corner.

At Kaufland you can find both houseplants - orchids in all colors, delicate bonsai, anthurium, aloe vera, cyclamen, various floral arrangements, and outdoor plants - firs, garden lilies, roses, hyacinths or daffodils. At the same time, lavender in pots or dried is indispensable. Whenever you want to give a gift to a loved one, you can find flowers in the Kaufland offer to everyone's liking.

Whether you prefer hydrangea or orchid, you can find them among the Kaufland discounts and you can enjoy them.

And in spring and autumn, we are waiting for you with cuttings of ornamental shrubs or cuttings for berries, such as raspberries or blackberries. Also, fruit trees are not missing from the spring or autumn offer.

Accessories for the care of your houseplants or garden plants

In the Kaufland offer and in the Kaufland assortment you will find everything you need to take care of your apartment or garden plants: flower land, POTS of various sizes and in various models and colors, gardening accessories. Check out the Countryside gardening section and choose what you need from the Kaufland offer.

One million lei & # 8211 one evening in the Mamaia Holiday Village

minutes cost 20,000 or 30,000 lei. From a trivial ride on the electric train, to the thrilling sensations of hammering, all the fun here is just as expensive. Therefore, the parents do not hesitate to explain to the kids that they have to give up at least some cravings, and the adults promise that it will be the only evening of their stay spent here.
The cheapest are the chips for the devices in the video game rooms, 15,000 lei. These are followed, with 20,000 lei, by jumping on the mattress, walking by train, car or motorcycle, on special tracks or by a high-altitude walk with rockets, planes or animals on children's carousels. and you will certainly not be able to get rid of the chore of these little pastimes, because the feet are attracted like a magnet by the brightly colored freshly applied paint applied by the owners of the games.
On the other hand, the inflatable boats with motor and steering wheel, the wheel with umbrellas, the ballerina, the octopus or the & # 8222 bullfight in the rodeo are more peppery: 30,000 lei per person. and a ride on the horror train or through the Ghost House is just as expensive, even if it only takes a minute.
It is more expensive, at first sight, to rent a bicycle with a cover: 200,000 lei / hour for 2 people and 300,000 lei / hour for 3 or 4 people, but it is also rented for half an hour. Everything is to leave a guarantee of identity. If you want to stay with an exotic memory by the sea, you can't miss a photo & # 8222ieftina & # 8221, of 150,000 lei, with the lion Simba from the Amusement Park.

Luxury swimming pools with mini golf course

ligheane & # 8221! With some money and a few skilled workers, the two & # 8222 neighborhood & # 8221 swimming pools, nicknamed so until yesterday, will be transformed by the end of June, according to the model of the # 8222Aqua Magic & # 8221 in Mamaia. Even if the slides will not be as big as the ones on the beach, the Bucharest swimming pools will compensate for this & # 8222 lack & # 8221, through beaches with fine sand or turf, minigolf, tennis and even football fields. & # 8222 The smallest of Bucharest residents will have reserved in these swimming pools a play area, with its own beach. Besides the area reserved for children, the beach and the swimming pool for adults, those who will go to Berceni pool and do not have the patience to sit on the beach, will be able to play minigolf, tennis or football & # 8221, said Virgil Carstea, director of the Leisure Administration and Lakes. The resistance piece of the park will be a boat with sails, which will decorate a green area.
and the project for Crangasi Park is very promising. and here there will be mini golf, tennis and football fields. The children will have exclusivity on a play area equipped with swimming pools, beach and colorful umbrellas, where they will be supervised by specialized staff. And the fact that one of the pools is the size of an Olympic pool will be exploited to the maximum by the town hall. Here, swimmers will be able to compete on a color delimited by a professional model. Also in Crangasi will be experienced & # 8222separation of beaches & # 8221, to see if the system & # 8222 will catch & # 8221. This means that while much of the beach will be free, another will be reserved for more demanding customers. Those with a helping hand will be able to sunbathe here easily and will benefit, for a fee, from a & # 8222 five-star service & # 8221.
and because the luxury that the Bucharest City Hall is preparing would not be complete if those who came to tan would hardly see the swimming pool due to the smoke made by the small grills, the mayor's office banned this practice. Probably, the place of the little ones with mustard, & # 8222la carton & # 8221, will be taken by pre-packaged sandwiches or burgers.

That's how the people of Bucharest cooled down

Nightmare temperatures, yesterday, in the Capital, where the people of Bucharest had to endure almost 40? C. The thermal discomfort was hardly tolerated by people. In Ploiesti, over 300 people fainted due to the heat. Instead, the people of Bucharest tried by different methods to cool off. In order not to die for days on the streets, several people swam in the water from the artesian wells. Refreshing drinks, hat-umbrellas and especially benches in the shade were also in great demand.

Iuliana Marinache (48 years old) and her daughter, Gabriela (23 years old), tired after a walk, took a break on a shady bench in Unirii Park

Nea Costica (55 years old) escaped the sun with a hat & # 8216sic & # 8217

Aunt Gherghina, after walking all day with a magazine on her head to avoid sunburn, shows us that the thermometers have gone crazy

Video: Σουφλεδάκια με κοτόπουλο (June 2022).


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